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Path in Early Spring (Tom's House), 33x22cm, oil on canvas, 2023.jpg



Portraits, Personalized Works, & More




Portraits are a meaningful way to celebrate a loved one, commemorate a professional achievement, or simply collaborate and participate in a creative practice that is centuries old. 

Book a one-of-a-kind portrait painting or drawing in oils, charcoal, or graphite. Usually, portraits require a number of sittings with the artist in person at Saara's studio in Florence, Italy, although travel to another location can easily be organized.


Saara is happy to discuss portrait sizes, schedules, prices, and any other questions you might have through email, or video call/phone appointment. 

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Personalized Works


Personalized works are creative ways to commemorate and celebrate milestones, favorite places, and people. 


Some ideas of works are:

  • Painting of a wedding bouquet

  • Still life with personal objects

  • Landscape painting of a beloved or important place

  • An artwork with a theme such as "still life with seafood" or "landscape with a sunset"


In the past Saara has worked with musicians and producers to create album art that brought their vision to life- see the album art for "Boy to the Man" by Dustan below! It is a play on Repin's "Ivan the Terrible" with Dustan as both killer and victim.

Photo courtesy of Giulia Pianigiani


To get started...

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